Update #9

Housewife Records would like to extend to you an invitation to participate in the creation of a Record. Broadcasts From Beyond is made up of over 40 minutes of "genuine" occult recordings. It features audible EVPs, seances, exorcisms, and other spiritual communications from beyond. This will be a limited run of 100 Green 12" Vinyl LPs with printed jackets, labels and double-sided insert, all wrapped up nicely in shrink wrap and ready to hit your stereos. All pre-orders will go towards helping with pressing costs for this project. We can't guarantee a release date at this time, and it won't be confirmed until we reach a certain amount of pre-orders, but we can guarantee that this bizarre record will eventually see the light of day with your help.

We ask you to consider the fact that you might be waiting a good while before you receive your LP, but know that you'll be supporting something completely unique that has never been done.
We thank you endlessly for your support.

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