Update #20

'Haze Configuration I & II' and 'Astral Ascension - Phase I'
are now available and will begin shipping on Wednesday, October 24th.

Day Sirens - 'The Heart Of The Mall' is also available digitally exclusively on our Bandcamp.
Thanks to everyone that ordered this year. We'll be back sometime in 2019 to share more with you.




Update #19

The 'Broadcasts From Beyond' 12" Vinyl LP has been Cancelled.

Pre-order numbers were very underwhelming and unfortunately we have decided to cancel the project for the time being. Every order will be refunded over the following week. Thanks to those who chose to support such an audacious project.



Update #18

We've decided to bump up the release dates of  both
'Astral Ascension Phase I' and 'Haze Configuration I & II'

Both releases
are now available for Pre-order.

Shipping will begin shipping on October 18th.

The label will be on hiatus until early 2019 beginning today.

Keep in touch - housewiferecs@gmail.com


Update #17

This is a big one..

The label has been overwhelmed with the support we've received since we began at the start of the year, and we forever thank you. With that out of the way..

Housewife Records would like to announce our final entries (HWR010!!!) for 2018:

'Haze Configuration I & II' is made up of  40 minutes of abrasive, ear-gouging material that has been spread across two Gold cassettes with Gold foil labels and Gold norelco cases. Each cassette has its own artwork insert as well. The two cassettes are housed in a custom printed cardstock slipcase. Limited to 20 copies total.

And up next..

'Astral Ascension Phase I' features twenty pages of dystopian visuals compiled into an 8.5"x11" glossy receptacle accented with stream-of-consciousness writing, a 13"x19" poster and a 3.5" colored Floppy Disk (Transparent Red, Blue, Orange, Green, Yellow and Pink) containing the 'soundtrack' to Astral Ascension that was struck from an analog cassette master. The release is packaged with card stock backing in protective PVC sleeves and is limited to 20 copies total.

Both 'Haze Configuration' and 'Astral Ascension' will be available for pre-order starting Tuesday, September 18th and will both be released on Thursday, October 18th. The label will be on hiatus following these releases, but we'll see you again in the new year with a new arsenal of curiosities.




Update #16

Pre-orders Available Now.

PFFR - 'Dark Louds Over Red Meat'

Lathe Cut 7" Record





Update #15

PFFR - 'Dark Louds Over Red Meat' will be available to pre-order in just 10 days.
Each copy will be lathe cut by hand and will be packaged with a bunch of extra goodies that you won't want to miss.

'Visual Death' Laserdisc LPs are with us now and will be shipping out starting August 18th as well. Thank you all for your continued support, and be sure to keep an eye on the label's Bandcamp page.




Update #14

'Cosmic Litany' is now available to purchase as a limited edition DVD.

Shipping begins Wednesday, August 22nd.